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McAuliffe, W. Geoffrey Ph.D.
Photograph of W. Geoffrey McAuliffe, PhD

PhD, University of Cincinnatti, 1978

Phone: (732) 235-4853
: (732) 235-4029


Research Interests:
Light and electron microscopy, glial cell interactions, neurotoxicity

Selected Publications:
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DiProspero, N.A., Zhou, X-R, Meiners, S., McAuliffe, W.G., Ho, S-Y and Geller, H.M. 1998 Suramin disrupts the gliotic response following a stab wound injury to the adult rat brain. J. Neurocytology, 27, 491-506.

Liberatore, G.T., Jackson-Lewis, V., Vukosavic, S., Mandir, A.S., Vila, M., McAuliffe, W.G., Dawson, V.L., Dawson, T.M. and Przedborski, S. 1999 Inducible nitric oxide synthase stimulates dopaminergic neurodegeneration of the MTPT model of Parkinsons disease. Nature Medicine, 5, 1403-1409.

Aoki, C., Wu, K., Elste, A., Len, G-W, Liln, S-Y, McAuliffe G. and Black, I.B. 2002 Localization of brain-derived neurotrophoic factor and TrkB receptors to postsynaptic densities of adult rat cerebral cortex. J. Neurosci. Res., 59, 454-463.

McAuliffe, W.G. 2001 Tips on embedding cells in plastic culture dishes. Micros. Today, 1(6), 53.