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Glendinning, Diana S. Ph.D.

Photograph of Associate Professor Diana Glendinning
Neuroscience: University of Florida, Gainesville FL 1991
Postdoctoral training in motor systems, University of AZ 1991-94

Phone: (732) 235-4137
(732) 235-3926


Research Interests:
My research focuses on the pathophysiology and treatment of motor disturbances in Parkinson’s disease, particularly freezing-of-gait. My current projects are focused on centrally generated limb and respiratory movements in PD and their relationship to motor blocks. I collaborate with a team of physicians working to develop non-invasive and non-pharmacological treatment approaches to treat PD.

Select Publications:

Glendinning, D.S., Kim, R., Linick, D., Monterosso, A., Ngu, P. The coordination of breathing and movement
in persons with Parkinsons disease: A pilot study. JNPT 2008; 32: 215-216.

Sisto, S.A., Forrest, G.F., Glendinning, D.S. Virtual reality applications for motor rehabilitation after stroke. Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation 2002; 8: 11-23.

Glendinning, D.S. Rationale for incorporating strength-training in the physical rehabilitation of persons with Parkinson’s disease. Neurology Report 1997; 21:132-135.

Spiegel, K., Stratton, J., Burke, J.R., Glendinning, D.S., Enoka, R.M. Influence of age on the assessment of motor unit activation in a human hand muscle. Journal of Experimental Biology 1996; 81: 805-819.