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William J. von Liebig Summer Research Fellowship


This program provides first and second year medical students training in molecular and cell biology, biomechanics, coagulation and thrombosis, and angiogenesis, with a focus on clinically relevant problems such as atherogenesis, intimal hyperplasia, prosthetic/host interactions and thrombosis. Trainees will pursue a program of intense research activity. This training program is designed to provide medical students with an initial exposure to vascular surgery research.


10-12 Weeks

Deadline: January 15, 2014


Stipend is based on NIH guidelines for undergraduate students dependent on the length of the fellowship.


Leena Pradhan, PhD
William J. von Liebig Summer Research Fellowship
BIDMC Vascular Surgery Research-East Campus
330 Brookline Ave. Dana 805
Boston, MA 02215

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