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New Jersey Direct Support Professional Career Path
The NJ Career Path in Developmental Disabilities is a robust voluntary training program designed to provide continuing education, recognition, and professional opportunities to direct support professionals and in turn increasing the retention rate. Enhanced professionalism and educational opportunities increases the skills and confidence of staff. Increased retention leads to significant cost savings to organizations which can provide them with resources needed to invest in their staff and the supports they provide. The NJ Career Path takes a multi‐faceted approach to continuing education. Each DSP completing the Career Path must complete the required courses for each level they complete while being mentored by a peer and completing one portfolio activity for each course (7 activities per level). Upon successful completion of each level, DSPs receive a Certificate in the New Jersey Career Path in Developmental Disabilities. The NJ Career Path aligns with requirements for National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals Credentialing so that DSPs successfully completing have the opportunity to receive certificates from the State of NJ and national credentialing from NADSP.

For information on the Career Path and how agencies can offer it to their staff, please contact Colleen McLaughlin or Shellyann Dacres.


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